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Curbside Collection offers garbage and organic waste collection to local businesses and residents. This summer we are looking forward to assisting businesses and residents with diverting the valuable nutrients from organic waste that are lost forever in a landfill to Northwestern Ontario's Category A compost facility. To receive updates on our compost collection program please subscribe to our newsletter below.

Commercial Collection

Cafes, restaurants, offices, schools, grocery stores, industrial manufacturers, you name it! We offer various size bins to collect your cardboard, wood, shingles, garbage and more!

Rural Residential Collection

Stop wasting your valuable time and sign up for rural residential waste collection! Your are not only saving time, you are also reducing your carbon footprint! Just think! One truck vs. multiple vehicles travelling to the dump weekly.

Organic Waste Diversion

Our Green Team is here to assist you with developing and implementing an organic waste collection program.

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